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Our Presenter, De Linda Brite, will provide this training for individuals with both vision and hearing loss who would like to understand what SSP (Support Services Provider) service is and how to use an SSP properly. This is also for individuals who have utilized an SSP in the past but would like to refresh their knowledge! It's Free for anyone to attend!

Register by Wednesday, November 6, 2019. Trainings are conducted in American sign Language. Please contact Mike Helms to request accommodations. See flyer attached for more information about the presenter, De Linda Brite and to register.

This workshop is sponsored by: Tennessee Relay and TODB.

CEUs is provided. 


We have Nashville Chapter Tennessee Association of the Deaf at 10:30 a.m. business meeting followed by "Welcome Back to School" themed party. Bring:Sides for the main dish (We are providing the meat).  Cost: $5 if you don't bring a side, dessert or drinks. This club is mostly Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults to socialize in American Sign Language even thou everyone is welcome to attend! If you need to know what kind of side dish to bring you can email to Let's have fun to socialize!!


Do NOT forget to bring your own game.  MAYBE we will get free donut when Dunkin Donuts ready to close at 8 pm.  See ya in there on Saturday evening!


Who: Come one!   Come all!
Come spend the day with NCTAD picnic while Sunny or Raining
Bring your family, friends to meet with old & new friends and have fun!
We will cook hamburgers, hotdogs and more!
All Activities are available at the park: Hiking, Biking, Camping, Canoeing, Swimming, Golfing and more!

Sponsored by Tennessee Sprint Relay


We have Nashville Chapter Tennessee Association of the Deaf at 10:30 a.m. business meeting followed by Patroit's Day themed party. Bring:Sides for the main dish (We are bringing the meat). Please reply to Brenda or Steph what you are planning to bring for the party. Cost: $5 if you don't bring a side, dessert or drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend!


We will have Dirty Santa but please bring a gift that are worth up to 10 dollars in order to exchange gifts. We will also play games to win some prizes.  

We will have finger foods to share. Everyone is invited! Admission is FREE!! 


We invite our community to join us for a Job Readiness Workshop!
This practical, hands-on workshop will provide job seekers with:

  • the tools to discover their realized and unrealized skill sets
  • information about setting career goals
  • marketing tips how make to make the best impression with potential employers

For Information & to RSVP, please contact:
Empowerment Manager Shante’ Perry
VP: 615-649-0605 | E-mail:
Please RSVP by November 8th
CART services provided on request by RSVP deadline


Rochester Institute of Technology is pleased to offer free workshops to parents of 7th-10th grade deaf and hard of hearing students in the Tennessee area. These workshops will provide helpful step-by-step planning tips students can follow through middle school and high school to successfully prepare them for college.

Representatives from RID will cover these topics:

  • Identifying the right high school curriculum for college-bound students
  • Meeting the English literacy requirements for college admissions
  • Starting the college search process
  • Financing a college education
  • Preparing for standardized admissions testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT)
  • How your child can qualify for TIT/NTID's summer programs at no cost

For more information and to register, visit