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All About Pallets
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All About Pallets
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Matt Willahan - Deaf artist Matt creates masterpieces with reclaimed pallet wood and cuts rustic metals to make stunning art pieces. Matt has extensive experience with drafting and building, working on various custom builds, including art, tables, charcuterie boards, barn doors, and many more!

Saving Trees - One Pallet at a Time
There are billions of trees harvested for producing wood products. Some of these resources are consumed for supplying pallets for all kinds of different uses. These wood resources travel the world gathering chips, dents and other characteristic which makes each piece of wood unique.

This Resource is often abandoned, placed in landfills or burned which impacts our ozone environment. At All About Pallets we collect, refurbish, and create beautiful art in furniture and decor highlighting the uniqueness of each piece of wood in the design and functionality of our product.

As we utilize these precious resources, we reduce the demand placed (however small) on our forest, thus our theme of, "Saving Trees - One Pallet at a time"


Updated: January 19, 2024 12:55pm CST

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