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Gunnar Thurman
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Since the implementation of universal newborn hearing screening, the number of very young children diagnosed with hearing loss in just one ear has dramatically increased. However, the etiology, technology needs, and therapy requirements of each child can vary. In this session, five unique profiles of unilateral hearing loss will be discussed. Each profile is based on the etiology of hearing loss and will include a description of the amplification and habilitation for listening and spoken language that Sunshine Cottage School Parent Infant Program has adopted. Case studies of each profile will also be presented.By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1.) Categorize unilateral hearing loss based on the five profiles presented.
2.) Identify unique aspects of each profile of unilateral hearing loss and how they impact amplification and therapeutic needs.
3.) Develop amplification and intervention plans for very young children with unilateral hearing loss based on the profiles presented.

Ana B. Sei and Logan Horner

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