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Good News!!! Trix Bruce is coming to Chattanooga, Tennessee!

September 16, 2016:  Friday 5:30 – 9:30 pm
♥ Lexical Non-Manual Signals: The "TH" signal  
This workshop has a focus on the non-manual "TH" signal. Interpreters will analyze and apply this grammatical marker in various contexts. Video clips and discussion will increase interpreters' confidence. Contexts include: character development, structures, English idioms, conjunctions, adjectives, and more. (0.4 RID CEUs available) 
♥ Video Clip Example of NMS “TH”:  “Feeling Like A Fool!”

September 17, 2016: Saturday 9:00 am – 5 pm
♥VISUALIZE THIS: Drawing in Space With ASL Classifiers  
As a native English speaker you work within a linear language, but ASL uses space and movement through classifiers to show a visual picture.  When using Classifiers, are you able to clearly portray the English message into ASL?  Do you know how to clearly show a car accident, a Lasik eye surgery, or a gymnast going through their routines? This workshop provides participants with an overview of using Classifiers, by focusing on what they mean, when to use them and how they are used.  Participants will explore various classifiers to express a visual picture breaking away from English words to translate ideas visually. This workshop strongly focuses on ASL storytelling, ASL performing, and ideas on how to use the appropriate handshape to show a clearer picture of the context involved. This workshop will also provide hands-on experiences & skill building activities needed for appropriate classifier use applied to complex descriptions and images. Complicated & confusing pictures, eye gaze, role shifting, spatial referencing and appropriate use of classifiers in storytelling will also be presented. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to think in pictures as a way to improve expressive and receptive communication skills. (0.7 RID CEUs available)
♥ Video Clip Example of Personification: Bobber
♥ Video Clip Example of Camping Classifiers: Campfire
♥ Video Clip Example of Sound Effects: Surf

September 16, 2016  Mentoring Services Available
Your own private Mentor! As your mentor, Trix will focus on you, providing individualized feedback and instruction in English/ASL translation and Deaf culture. Under the direction of an expert instructor, your skills will soar! Email her for an appointment. Mentor appointments are not included the workshop registration. For a mentor appointment, there is a separate fee.(RID CEUs available!)

BIO: Patricia (Trix) Bruce, from Seattle, Washington, is known nationwide as both a workshop presenter and an American Sign Language performer. Trix's work has been warmly received everywhere, from local community centers, to state, regional and national conferences, Deaf Way II, interpreter conventions and more.  Wildly popular as a teacher of ASL storytelling and ASL interpretation, Trix impresses audiences at all levels of ASL skill, from novices to fluent experts. Trix has been profoundly deaf since she was 6 months old. She went through oral, mainstreaming, deaf classes, and online educational programs. Trix has been involved in the performing arts since 1980. After completing her college program, she became involved with interpreter training. Trix's main area of study has been ASL Linguistics with a focus on ASL Performance.  She has developed a popular website: Whether writing, creating, improvising or starring in her many productions, Trix's passion for the dramatic arts shines through.

Friday Evening Workshop:
$45 per participant/per workshop, postmarked by Aug 4, 2016
$55 per participant
Saturday Workshop :
$75 per participant, postmarked by Aug 4, 2016
$85 at the door
Limited Seating – Registration Open on a First Come, First Serve basis
 SEND $ & your registration form TO: PayPal/Quick Pay accepted; checks accepted - please make checks payable to Trix Bruce and send to: Trix Bruce, 1429 D Ave PMB 362, Snohomish, WA 98290
Please RSVP with payment. This will confirm your place in the workshop. CONTACT: by
 RID CEUs:  Trix Bruce is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for all workshops: 0.4 Lexical “TH” and 0.7 Classifiers at the Little/No to Some Content Knowledge Level.    
 NOTES: Handouts will be provided.  The workshop will be presented in ASL. There will be a Door Prize!  For details on refunds, cancellations, and special accommodations policies, please send an email to 
My workshops benefit participants at all levels. Countless advanced interpreters have let me know that they enjoyed learning updated/new signs that they haven’t seen before, such as regional accents. They also loved it when I explained how to sign messages into ASL, rather than just signing in English word by word.  Interpreters appreciate that my workshops are excellent for review as well as for discovering new things that apply within the professional work environment. Students also mentioned that my workshops helped them to understand how to approach their own projects, research, and practice more effectively.

Updated: June 21, 2016