11th Annual Mental Health Interpreter Institute

Contact Name
Charlene Crump
Contact Phone
334-353-7415 (Voice)
Alternate Contact
Shannon Reese
Alternate Phone
334-239-3780 (Video Phone)
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We are pleased to announce that Troy University will again host the Mental Health Interpreter Training Program's renowned Interpreter Institute, it was announced by Troy University Vice Chancellor Lance Tatum and Office of Deaf Services Director Steve Hamerdinger. This will mark the 5th straight year of this collaboration.

The interpreter Institute is a40 - hour course designed to provide a sound basis for interpreters to work effectively in mental health settings as part of a professional team. It includes lectures, demonstrations, exercises, evaluation and discussion to develop knowledge, skills and resources to ensure that services are linguistically and culturally appropriate.

It will include introductions to:

* Medical and mental health systems and culture,
* Sources of communication breakdown associated with mental illness and treatment,
* Interpreters' roles, tools, and resources,
* Severe language dysfluency and Visual - Gestural Communication,
* Psychiatric emergencies,
* Support groups and Community Mental Health Services, and
* Demand-Control Theory applied to mental health interpreting

Full details and registration information is now available at: http://www.mhit.org/2013institute.html