Using Signing Time in Homeschool Programs

The Guide “Using Signing Time in Homeschool Programs” provides useful information about how parents can use Signing Time to support their homeschool curriculum across all subject areas. The full guide includes the following sections:

  • Using Signing Time to Fit:
    • Your Child’s Learning Style
    • Your Teaching Style
    • Your Budget
    • The Ages, Stages and Number of Children
    • Subject Matter
    • Your Use of Technology
  • Signing Basics
  • Signing Across Subject Areas
  • Themed Activities
  • Parent Resources
  • Overview of the Signing Time Classroom Edition
  • What is Signing Time?
  • Success Stories
Colleen Brunetti; Liz Guerrini
Salt Lake City, UT: Two Little Hands Productions, 20--?
Parent Resources
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