Lucas Luvs Silence: The Perfect Moments of an Adventurous Deaf Dog

One day a very special puppy entered my life. I named him Lucas. I quickly discovered that Lucas was not responding to sound. Soon after a diagnostic test confirmed that Lucas is deaf. It's here that our extraordinary journey begins. Often disabilities are perceived as limitations but rarely as opportunities to adapt and engage in the hundreds of other dimensions in a person's life or in this case an animal's life. This book challenges and reframes that perception through the adventures of a deaf dog who embraces who he is, adapts when he needs to and moves on to living his happy and complete. "Lucas Luvs Silence" is told from the light-hearted point-of-view of Lucas who not knowing what sound is, affirms that he doesn't really have time to find out. He's too busy with his other life experiences like playing, jumping, running, eating fetching, exploring, tasting, smelling, snuggling, sleeping, dreaming and much more. 24 full-page colorful illustrations are each coupled with a positive quote from Lucas. These quotes affirm that sounds do not always define or affect the numerous sensory experiences in his life including his rewarding volunteer work as a therapy dog.

Gregory Joseph Borowski
[United States]: Flying Page Publishing, 2021