Foreign Language Series: Spanish

Visual grammar videotapes which use ASL to teach or reinforce Spanish language instruction that most hearing students learn in a two-year foreign language program (high school or college level). The vocabulary used in the examples is simple and repetitive. Emphasis is place on comparing English grammar with Spanish grammar. (A companion tape, “Why Bother to Teach Foreign Languages to Deaf Students?” also available.)

Nouns 17 min.
Reflexive Verbs 23 min.
Subject Pronouns and Verbs 28 min.
Possessive Pronouns 16 min.
Demonstrative Pronouns 16 min.
Direct Object Pronouns 25 min.
Indirect Object Pronouns 29 min.
Relative Pronouns 16 min.
Adjectives 17 min.
Possessive Adjectives 20 min.
Subjunctive 22 min.
Imperfect 20 min.
Ser vs Estar 18 min.
Por vs Para 18 min.
Gustar-to like 16 min.
Affirmative & Negative Idioms 20 min.
Telling Time 21 min.
Comparative/Superlative 32 min.

Gallaudet University
Washington, DC : Gallaudet University, 2013, [199-?]
Foreign Language
Foreign Language Series: Spanish

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