"Now Hear This! What If You Were Deaf?" Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

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“I think deafness is a disability,” a girl named CiCi says.  “To me it’s not a disability at all,” says a girl named Isabella.  Both CiCi and Isabella are deaf themselves.  But they deal with it in very different ways.
“I love music,” CiCi says.  “And I hear it through my cochlear implant and my hearing aid.” (“Cochlear” is pronounced “CO-clee-ur.”) “I am okay with never hearing anything,” Isabella says. 
On Tuesday, August 5, you’ll meet CiCi, Isabella and several other deaf kids — and find out how they live with their deafness — on the next edition of “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.” It’s called “Now Hear This!  What If You Were Deaf?” 
“I’m really proud of being deaf,” a boy named Arbab says.  “I love ASL.” (ASL stands for “American Sign Language.”) “I don’t do any sign language of any sort, because, well, I can speak and hear,” says a girl named Sammie, who uses cochlear implants.  “So I don’t really feel the need to sign.”  “At my school, we have a sign language class,” says a girl named Kaylee, who’s the only deaf kid at her school.  “My friends take it.” 
Why do some kids choose hearing aids and cochlear implants while other kids choose sign language and lip reading? How do you talk on the phone when you can’t hear? How do you play sports? How do you dance? You’ll hear what deaf kids have to say about all of those things — and a lot more – on “Now Hear This!  What If You Were Deaf?” 
Be sure to tune into Nickelodeon for the show’s premiere at 8 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) on August 5. And see how deaf kids are making their way through the hearing world. (If you live in a different time zone, check your local cable TV listings to find out when “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee” is on in your community.) 
“Being deaf is challenging,” CiCi says.  “But I can do as many things as hearing people can do.”