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Organization Description

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss began in 2011 with the goal of creating an ‘umbrella website’ for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing. Supporting Success was built on the concept of making practical information readily available, resulting in the current resource-packed website.

Provide persons who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing the resources to fulfill our mission “to improve the futures of children with hearing loss.”

Teachers can utilize the methods and materials to empower students with hearing loss. Reaching students with learning differences has become more difficult in many ways since the advent of mass remote learning for many students.

However, there are now more teaching materials than ever before accessible to help students with hearing loss. There’s a lot that can and should be done to level the playing field for all kids, from modern technology that allows for enhanced real-time comprehension to traditional in-person aids that educators may use.

Core Goals of Supporting Success are:

Providing Resources
Provide professionals who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families the resources to improve the futures of children with hearing loss.

Maintain a growing bank of information
We provide resources relevant to supporting child development and student success, including Update newsletters with topical information sent to over 15,000 subscribers twice monthly.

Provide products for sale
Our products have been specifically selected to support the success of students with hearing loss. We provide information and instructional materials specifically for use with students who are deaf or hard of hearing via Teacher Tools Takeout Subscriptions, Teacher Tools Takeout marketplace, and resources and tools to support families and caregivers of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Provide relevant and practical professional development
Specifically for teacher of the deaf or hard of hearing and others who support school success of these students:
a. Courses for CEUs and videos via Supporting Success Courses
b. Offer professional presentations upon invitation to school districts, regional programs, and relevant conference venues
c. Offer a biennial conference specific to the interests of itinerant teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, with practical presentations to improve teacher knowledge and instruction.

Strengthen knowledge on student rights for improved advocacy
To improve student eligibility, communication access in school, and appropriate levels of specialized instruction allowing students the opportunity to achieve at the rate and level of their class peers.

Updated: October 26, 2023

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