Edmonds School District Deaf and Hard of Hearing


9300 236th SW
Edmonds, WA 98020
United States

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Organization Contact Name
Richard Jeffries, PHD
(425) 431-7213 (Voice)
Alternate Phone
(425) 431-7985 (Video Phone)
Organization Description

Vision Statement
The Edmonds School Districts Regional Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program pursues excellence for students in Deaf Education through visually accessible learning environments that promote literacy, problem solving skills, and academic and social growth in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  Staff empower students to develop their intellectual, social and emotional potential to the fullest in order to function as a contributing member of today’s society.  The program has Teachers of the Deaf working alongside highly trained para-educators providing American Sign Language, English and technological literacy with total dedication to the students.  Additionally, this program provides support services staff (SLP, Counselor, Psychologist, and Hearing Therapists) trained in the field of Deafness. Students engage in safe learning environments that are designed to encourage equality and respect, utilizing a rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of the Common Core State Standards. The Edmonds Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is committed to on-going partnerships with families, communities and school districts.  

The Program
Our program is a regional program that provides access to quality education to students who use sign language from ages 3-21. We are currently serving 60 students from 18 different school districts north, east and west of Seattle, Washington.  Services provided include:

  • a comprehensive and effective educational environment;
  • a critical mass of Deaf peers in each classroom that provides social, emotional and academic advantages to the students;
  • small group and 1:1 support in a variety of settings such as self-contained classrooms, team teaching (teacher of deaf with general education teacher), blended classes (teacher of the deaf teaches deaf and hearing students together), and general education classes with interpreter support; direct specialized instruction to enhance independence, academic, communication and social skills;
  • direct and indirect American Sign Language instruction;
  • opportunities to develop pride in their Deaf culture as a part of the Deaf community and feel comfortable working and socializing with their hearing peers; parent support and education;
  • consultation with other schools and neighboring districts regarding students with hearing loss;
  • interpreter services for students in general education classes, District offered before and after school or weekend activities, and Special Olympics;
  • and interpreter services for deaf staff and community members at district activities.

Updated: December 27, 2023

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