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Receptive Practice

Receptive Practice with Numbers

In a three-part format, Dr. Mike Tuccelli introduces numbers then presents receptive practice. In Part I, numbers one (1) through the billions are demonstrated. Part II focuses on rules and using numbers in various situations including the signing of one’s age, scores, time, money, temperature, measurements, chemistry and math. In the final section, Part III, he presents extensive receptive practice on the previous material.

Mike Tuccelli, "DrSign"
Orange Park, Fla. : Florida First Coast Signing Video Productions, 2013,1998
The HeART of Deaf Culture

Multimedia interactive 2-DVD set exploring Deaf Visual Art, ASL and English literature, Deaf theater and Deaf cinema. Includes in-depth interviews with Deaf scholars and creators from each genre. Disc 1 plays on the computer and includes summary texts for the interviews found on Disc 2. Disc 1 features interactive timelines and sample works from each genre with text and video files. The interviews on Disc 2 can be used for receptive practice.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY: Rochester Institute of Technology, c2012
ASL Monologues

ASL Monologues '90: Julia Childs, Schools, Illiteracy, Skiing and Senior Citizens. Monologues '91: Coaching Basketball, Name Change, Potpourri, My Job Ordeal, Artists and Curried Goat. Monologues '92: Drop Out Rate of Deaf Students, English Class Use of Overhead Projectors, Office of Student Life, Bike Across America, Outward Bound, the Hard of Hearing Fourth Grader and The Interfacing of After-school Activities.

National Clearinghouse of Rehab Materials, Gallaudet University
Washington DC: Gallaudet University, 1992
Faculty Sign Communication: Units 1-7

Practice sentences for receptive skills in ASL:
Unit #1: Time related signs, “wh” question words
Unit #2: Familiar relationship pronomials
Unit #3: Gallaudet related signs, adverbs of time
Unit #4: Departments of instruction, academic related signs
Unit #5: Feeling and attitudinal related signs
Unit #6: Home related signs
Unit #7: Signs related to people, health and appearance

Washington, D.C. : Gallaudet Media Distribution, 2013, 1986
ASL Stories by Paul Jones

Paul Jones, a Deaf ASL storyteller, tells three stories with lots of action and details. Taped live at University of Florida’s Deaf ASL Storytelling Festival, Paul Jones moves across the stage and sometimes off screen. This is good receptive practice for ASL learners and ITP students. *People that get queasy easily might suffer motion sickness while watching this DVD.

Paul Jones
[Gainesville, Fla.] : M & M MultiMedia, [2008?]
ASL Stories by Doug Bullard

Doug Bullard, deaf author of Islay, tells stories such as “Teaching ASL”, “Interpreters”, “Bear Hunting”, “Life in Alaska”, “Travel Stories”, “History of Women” and “Hitch-hiking”. Stories range from 1 minute to 29 minutes. This is good receptive practice for ASL learners and ITP students.

Douguiya Bullard
[Gainesville, Fla.] : M & M MultiMedia, [2008?]
Wanna See ASL Stories

Stories in American Sign Language are presented at beginning, intermediate and advances levels by various signers. Each signed story is followed by written questions (captioned on the screen) and signed answers.

Parts 1 & 2: Beginning Level
Parts 3,4,5: Intermediate Level
Parts 6 & 7: Advanced Level

Gallaudet College Library
Washington, D. C. : Gallaudet Media Distribution, , 2013[1979]
A Handful of Stories

37 stories told by deaf people about deaf people which relate their experiences growing up deaf in a hearing world and retell stories of historical significance to the deaf culture.

Tape 1:
My First Summer Job Bernard Bragg
Trapped! Debbie Sonnenstrahl
The Eavesdropper Jack Gannon
POW! Michael Schwartz
My Horse and I Mary Beth Miller

Tape 2:
Spaced Out! Jerry Jordan
Gallaudet Theater on Broadway Eric Malzkuhn
Man’s Best Friend Matt Searls
Have Interpreter Will Talk Ed Corbett, Jr.

Tape 3:
Laurent Clerc: The Greatest Teacher of all Time Gilbert Eastman

Tape 4:
Me or We Frank Turk
Look or Listen Ray Parks
The Case of the Missing Scissors Barbara Kannapell
That Look of Envy Jack Gannon
A Little Bit at a Time Mary Beth Miller

Tape 5:
Applause for Eyes to See Bernard Bragg
On My Own Debbie Sonnenstrahl
The Stand-In Eric Malzkuhn
Our Paths Crossed Again Dr. Thomas Mayes
Caught in a Riot Michael Schwartz
My ABC Book Mary Beth Miller

Tape 6:
The Importance of Bilingual Education for the Deaf Barbara Kannapell
Life with Brian Eric Malzkuhn

Tape 7:
Deaf Pilots Jack Gannon
Experience is a Great Teacher Florence Crammatte
The U.S.S. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Jack Gannon
Here We Go Again Nancy Rarus
The Letter I Wrote But Never Mailed Barbara Kannapell
My Present Aspiration Ray Parks

Tape 8:
Lessons Learned From My Elders Frank Turk
Bar Talk Jack Gannon

Tape 9:
Through An Act of God Debbie Sonnenstrahl
Sink or Swim Michael Schwartz
How I Lied My Way to the Bottom Dr. Thomas Mayes
What I Learned About Irish Sign Language Bernard Bragg
Impossible Dream? Dr. Thomas Mayes
Gallaudet and I Nancy Rarus
* Accompanying book available

Gallaudet College, Television Department
[Washington, D.C.] : Gallaudet College, 2013, 1980
Another Handful of Stories

Thirty-seven stories by and about Deaf people. This volume in the “Deaf Storytellers Series” has 24 storytellers relating their experiences growing up Deaf in a hearing world. There are also fantasy tales and anecdotes that introduce some fascinating Deaf characters. This series is a valuable resource for language and reading classes, sign language classes, and Deaf clubs and associations.

DVD Two:
The Ideal Preacher: Henry Holter
The World’s Largest Picture: Carl N. Schroeder
My Summer Experience: Heimo I. Antila
My First Deaf Model: Lynn Jacobowitz
Some Funny Things Happened on my Way...: Tom Holcomb
Itchy Story: Heimo I. Antila
My Life at Kendall Green: Agnes Padden
Douglas Craig, M.M.: Heimo I. Antila
Thanksgiving Tug-of- War: Don Padden
College Hall Revisited: Francis Higgins
Do Deaf People Have Ears?: Francis Higgins

DVD Four:
Why Hearing Minors Got Up Late One Morning: Francis Higgins
A Ghost Story: Cheryl Shevlin
Oops!: Francis Higgins
Poor Beethoven : Francis Higgins
Candy or Death: Robert G. Sanderson
The First Deaf Postmaster: Hubert Anderson, Jr.

DVD Five:
An Embarrassing Moment: Leon Auerbach
A Close Brush With Death: Frances M. Parsons
Some People Just Can’t Read: Leon Auerbach
Rudi and Me: H. Paul Menkis

DVD Six:
Mr. Orman and Susie: May Curtis
The Windows of My Life: Mel Carter, Jr.
Rich Girl, Poor Girl: Hortense Auerbach
Church Experiences: Nathie Couthen
How I Learned About My Deafness H. Paul Menkis

DVD Seven:
A Summer in Los Angeles: Don Pettingill
Spelling: May Curtis
My Experiences in School: Carolyn McCaskill
Born Deaf and Free: Frances M. Parsons

*Accompanying book available

produced by Roslyn Rosen, Mariann Sasseen, Barbara Kannapell; directed by Larry Ashley
[Washington, D.C.] : Division of Public Services, Gallaudet College, 2013, [1984?]
Mr. Shineyhead's Assorted Stories

This DVD has a variety of stories by Patrick Fischer, a storyteller, actor and teacher, which are meant to entertain and provide receptive practice.  Intended for experienced ASL users and advanced students. The stories in “Mr. Shineyhead’s Travels” also include elements of Deaf Culture. The stories in “Tales in the Dark” have themes that are more sinister, focusing on mystery, sadness and death.  All of the stories include a variety of ASL Classifiers.

Mr. Shineyhead's Travels:

  •   Deaf Dog in the Park
  •   State Fair
  •   Mr Wild Wild West
  •   Gone Fishin'
  •   The Pirate
  •   Me Here!

Tales in the Dark:

  •   The Mountain Lion
  •   Ice Lake
  •   Civil War
  •   Lorelei
  •   The Goblins

Also includes a special ASL translation of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Patrick Fischer
Clinton, Washington: VisualizeASL, 2009
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