Receptive Practice


In a three-part format, Dr. Mike Tuccelli introduces numbers then presents receptive practice. In Part I, numbers one (1) through the billions are demonstrated. Part II focuses on rules and using numbers in various situations including the signing of one’s age, scores, time, money, temperature, measurements, chemistry and math. In the final section, Part III, he presents extensive receptive practice on the previous material.

Mike Tuccelli, "DrSign"


Practice sentences for receptive skills in ASL:
Unit #1: Time related signs, “wh” question words
Unit #2: Familiar relationship pronomials
Unit #3: Gallaudet related signs, adverbs of time
Unit #4: Departments of instruction, academic related signs
Unit #5: Feeling and attitudinal related signs
Unit #6: Home related signs
Unit #7: Signs related to people, health and appearance



Stories in American Sign Language are presented at beginning, intermediate and advances levels by various signers. Each signed story is followed by written questions (captioned on the screen) and signed answers.

Parts 1 & 2: Beginning Level
Parts 3,4,5: Intermediate Level
Parts 6 & 7: Advanced Level

Gallaudet College Library


37 stories told by deaf people about deaf people which relate their experiences growing up deaf in a hearing world and retell stories of historical significance to the deaf culture.

Tape 1:
My First Summer Job Bernard Bragg
Trapped! Debbie Sonnenstrahl
The Eavesdropper Jack Gannon
POW! Michael Schwartz
My Horse and I Mary Beth Miller

Gallaudet College, Television Department


This DVD has a variety of stories by Patrick Fischer, a storyteller, actor and teacher, which are meant to entertain and provide receptive practice.  Intended for experienced ASL users and advanced students. The stories in “Mr. Shineyhead’s Travels” also include elements of Deaf Culture. The stories in “Tales in the Dark” have themes that are more sinister, focusing on mystery, sadness and death.  All of the stories include a variety of ASL Classifiers.

Mr. Shineyhead's Travels:

Patrick Fischer