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Yuki is a typical college student--it's just that she can't hear. A chance encounter on a train leads to a serious crush...but will he give her a chance? A sweet and relatable manga romance from the creator of Shortcake Cake ! Even with a hearing aid, the voices of others are an indistinct blur for Yuki. But she never lets that get in the way of a life full of friends, social media, and cute fashion. One day, she's browsing her phone on train, when a tourist asks her for directions. Yuki nearly panics...until the handsome Itsuomi steps in to help.

suu Morishita (Mangaka group),


A Graphic Novel; 

School Library Journal Review:

Gr 3--5--While foraging for ingredients in the forests near Silverleaf village, young Rinn stumbles upon the slumbering dragon Aedhan, who has been asleep and largely forgotten by the village for the past 80 years. Rinn and the other villagers don't know what caused Aedhan to sleep for so long, but Rinn's uncle Erik and his partner Hesekiel (Hese) arrive just in time to help investigate. O'Neill returns to the world of tea dragons in this prequel to 2017's The Tea Dragon Society.

Katie O'Neill