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Deaf History

DPN: The Power and the Promise Teleconference

The Deaf President Now movement of March 1988 celebrated its fifth anniversary on March 8, 1993 with a national teleconference that was received by more than 100 locations throughout the United States and Canada. This DVD reviews the events of DPN and how they affected the Deaf community over the past five years.

Gallaudet TV, Film & Photography
Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University, 1993
Deaf Folklore

Deaf anthropologist Simon Carmel lectures at Gallaudet College on Deaf culture, including jokes, sign lore, legends and heroes. NOTE: The tapes were shot in a classroom under less than ideal conditions. While they are easily comprehensible, the picture contrast is low.

Gallaudet College Television
[Washington, D.C.] : Gallaudet College Television, 2013, 1980
Deaf Mosaic #402: Deaf President Now

Emmy Award-winning Deaf Mosaic, a television/magazine formatted program produced by the former Department of Television, Film and Photography at Gallaudet University, presents the 'Deaf President Now' protest of 1988. Tabbed as the most extraordinary week in Deaf history, this episode includes interviews with student leaders Greg Hlibok, Tim Rarus, Bridgetta Bourne, Jerry Covall and others. Exclusive footage of the demonstrations on the Gallaudet campus is shown along with an interview with the new Gallaudet president, Dr. I. King Jordan.

Deaf Mosaic
Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University, c1988
T.S.D. Through the Years

Historical and archival video/film clips from people, places and events sponsored by the Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) in Knoxville, TN and/or its alumni.

Tape 1 28 min.
-Lightning Cartoons by Floyd Gorman
-Winter Snow Scenes at TSD- Feb.15,1936

Tape 2 37 min.
-Odds & Ends (TSD Activities)- 1931,1932, 1934 & 1940
-TSD/KY Game at Centre College Stadium in Danville-Oct. 31,1936
-“Rock of Ages” in ASL by: Mrs. J.B. Chandler of Knoxville

Tape 3 64 min.
-1931-1988 TSD Homecoming Events
-1991 TSD Homecoming Events
-1992 TSD Homecoming Program

Tape 4 71 min.
-A Documentary of TSD, Feb. 3&6 1989 by E. Conley Akin, Historian

Tape 5 75 min.
-Interviews with TSD Alumni at the 1993 Homecoming for use with the 150th Anniversary Celebration. Oct. 2,1993

Tape 6 81 min.
-1993 TSD Homecoming Events in Knoxville October 2,1993

Tape 7 105 min.
-1994 TSD 150th Year Celebration Kickoff in Knoxville: Fri. Oct. 21,1994 & Sat. Oct. 22,1994

Tape 8 39 min.
-Convention-TN Association of the Deaf (TAD): Chattanooga, July 4-7,1934
-Convention of TAD on TSD Campus, Knoxville, Sept. 2-4,1937
-Convention of TAD at Hotel Whittle Springs near Fountain City (1947)
-Convention of TAD at Patten Hotel in Chattanooga (1950)

Tape 9 100 min.
-1995 TSD 150th Year Celebration Program in Knoxville
-TSD Dining Hall-Reception

Tape 10 51 min.
-Howa Club of the Deaf in Bluff City, TN Sept.12,1936
-TAD Convention Scenes in Nashville,1940
-TAD Convention in Chattanooga
-Numerous TAD Events in 1949
-TAD Picnic 1950-59
-TAD Physical Education & Football Drills 1960 & 1961
-TAD Plays 1963 & 1973

TSD Alumni Association
Knoxville, TN : TSD Alumni Association, 1996?, 2013
Moving Pictures, Moving Hands: The Story of Ernest Marshall

An interview with Ernest Marshall on his experience on being the first deaf film pioneer. Ernest explains about how he first decided to make feature films in ASL for deaf people, and he shares his experiences in creating those different films. Ernest talks about his life growing up, and how the deaf people would travel from 60 to 260 miles just to see his deaf film.

written by Don Bangs ; a presentation of World Beyond Sound in association with Century Southwest Cable Inc., Santa Monica, Ca
San Diego, Calif. : Dawn Sign Press, 2013, 1987
NAD 42nd Biennial Convention Highlights

A collage of media footage from the National Association of the Deaf Convention held July 4-10, 1994 in Knoxville, TN. It features scenes from meetings, workshops, forums, and a variety of events including the College Bowl and the Miss Deaf America Pageant.

National Association of the Deaf
Silver Spring, Md.: National Association of the Deaf, 1994
Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America

Now, Jack R. Gannon’s original groundbreaking volume on Deaf history and culture is available once again. In Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America, Gannon brought together for the first time the story of the Deaf experience in America from a Deaf perspective. Recognizing the need to document the multifaceted history of this unique minority with its distinctive visual culture, he painstakingly gathered as much material as he could on Deaf American life. The result is a 17-chapter montage of artifacts and information that forms an utterly fascinating record from the early nineteenth century to the time of its original publication in 1981.

Deaf Heritage tracks the development of the Deaf community both chronologically and by significant subjects. The initial chapter treats the critical topics of early attempts at deaf education, the impact of Deaf and Black deaf teachers, the establishment of schools for the deaf, and the founding of Gallaudet College. Individual chapters cover the 1880s through the 1970s, mixing milestones such as the birth of the National Association of the Deaf and the work of important figures, Deaf and hearing, with anecdotes about day-to-day deaf life. Other chapters single out important facets of Deaf culture: American Sign Language, Deaf Sports, Deaf artists, Deaf humor, and Deaf publications. The overall effect of this remarkable record, replete with archival photographs, tables, and lists of Deaf people’s accomplishments, reveals the growth of a vibrant legacy singular in American history.

Jack R. Gannon
Washington, DC : Gallaudet University Press, 2012
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