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Biography; Deaf-Blindness

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Woody Livingston earned a college degree, had a short but successful stint as a prizefighter, traveled to Russia three times during the height of the Cold War, played hockey for charity with the Washington Capitals, and flew a small airplane ... all while being completely deaf and going blind. Before turning thirty, Woody -- struggling to live in the hearing and sighted world because of discrimination he encountered by potential employers -- is homeless, jobless, and at the end of his rope wondering whether life is worth living. Woody realizes he must live by faith and not by sight; to reach out for a different kind of help before it's too late. Until Nightfall is a gripping true tale of perseverance, survival, and triumph in the face of overwhelming odds-showing that one doesn't need eyesight to truly "see."-

Woody Livingston
Rochester, New York: Olive Juice Publishing, 2020
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