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Spotlight on Deaf Artists

Narrator Deborah Sonnenstrahl takes us on a tour of the exhibit of art works by deaf artists on display at Gallaudet College from September 21 - December 4, 1981. She tells a little about each work. The deaf artists included are Francisco de Goya, John Brewster, Theophilus, Hope d’Estrella, Douglas Tilden, Cadwallader Washburn, Granville Redmond and Morris Broderson.

Gallaudet College Television
[Washington, D.C.] : Gallaudet College, 2013, 1982
The HeART of Deaf Culture

Multimedia interactive 2-DVD set exploring Deaf Visual Art, ASL and English literature, Deaf theater and Deaf cinema. Includes in-depth interviews with Deaf scholars and creators from each genre. Disc 1 plays on the computer and includes summary texts for the interviews found on Disc 2. Disc 1 features interactive timelines and sample works from each genre with text and video files. The interviews on Disc 2 can be used for receptive practice.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY: Rochester Institute of Technology, c2012
Ann Silver : One Way, Deaf Way

Ann Silver: One Way, Deaf Way gives you entry into the life and art of an incredible woman who has done much with her life. She has traveled the world. She has met several presidents and prime ministers. She has charmed her way into situations and into places few would imagine possible for anyone. To say that she is a remarkable person is to miss the mark. While barely 20 and an undergraduate, along with a few others, she started the Deaf Art Movement. By 25 her artwork had been published in over 10 books. By 40 she had created an international symbol of sign language interpreting, and had her design work published on over 2000 book covers. By 45, after rededicating her life to studio art, she had completed over 150 pieces and defined a new art genre: Deaf Pop Art. She has taken more photographs of famous people using the ILY sign than most people can name. This book is an art biography because it is about her art, but it is also about her life. It reads in chronological format, starting with her birth and leads the reader through various stages in her life and artwork up to the present.

James W. Van Manen
Seattle, WA: Empyreal Press, c2012
Telling Stories

Using symbols and myths drawn from the struggles between the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing, this nonverbal, gestural play fascinates audiences regardless of their knowledge of deafness or sign language. An original production of the Gallaudet Theater Arts Department.

Gallaudet TV, Film & Photography
Washington, DC : Gallaudet University, c1989
Celebration of Deaf Dance

In a tribute to the Gallaudet University Dance Company’s 40th Anniversary, Celebration of Deaf Dance is moving testimonial to the achievements of these collegiate dancers. Gil Eastman, a founding member of the company, hosts this celebration, and introduces past and present dancers and directors who reveal the trade secrets of their collective success.

Dept. of Television, Photography, and Educational Technology, Gallaudet University
Washington, D.C. : Dept. of Television, Photography, and Educational Technology, Gallaudet University, 2013, 1995
Another Handful of Stories

Thirty-seven stories by and about Deaf people. This volume in the “Deaf Storytellers Series” has 24 storytellers relating their experiences growing up Deaf in a hearing world. There are also fantasy tales and anecdotes that introduce some fascinating Deaf characters. This series is a valuable resource for language and reading classes, sign language classes, and Deaf clubs and associations.

DVD Two:
The Ideal Preacher: Henry Holter
The World’s Largest Picture: Carl N. Schroeder
My Summer Experience: Heimo I. Antila
My First Deaf Model: Lynn Jacobowitz
Some Funny Things Happened on my Way...: Tom Holcomb
Itchy Story: Heimo I. Antila
My Life at Kendall Green: Agnes Padden
Douglas Craig, M.M.: Heimo I. Antila
Thanksgiving Tug-of- War: Don Padden
College Hall Revisited: Francis Higgins
Do Deaf People Have Ears?: Francis Higgins

DVD Four:
Why Hearing Minors Got Up Late One Morning: Francis Higgins
A Ghost Story: Cheryl Shevlin
Oops!: Francis Higgins
Poor Beethoven : Francis Higgins
Candy or Death: Robert G. Sanderson
The First Deaf Postmaster: Hubert Anderson, Jr.

DVD Five:
An Embarrassing Moment: Leon Auerbach
A Close Brush With Death: Frances M. Parsons
Some People Just Can’t Read: Leon Auerbach
Rudi and Me: H. Paul Menkis

DVD Six:
Mr. Orman and Susie: May Curtis
The Windows of My Life: Mel Carter, Jr.
Rich Girl, Poor Girl: Hortense Auerbach
Church Experiences: Nathie Couthen
How I Learned About My Deafness H. Paul Menkis

DVD Seven:
A Summer in Los Angeles: Don Pettingill
Spelling: May Curtis
My Experiences in School: Carolyn McCaskill
Born Deaf and Free: Frances M. Parsons

*Accompanying book available

produced by Roslyn Rosen, Mariann Sasseen, Barbara Kannapell; directed by Larry Ashley
[Washington, D.C.] : Division of Public Services, Gallaudet College, 2013, [1984?]
Unheard Voices: A Dramatic Look Into the Heart of Hearing Loss

Unheard Voices is a candid and compassionate portrayal of people coping with the life-changing impact of hearing loss.  Gael Hannan, an actress with a profound hearing loss, portrays all the characters in this performance that covers the human spectrum of hearing loss–children, adults, women, men and professionals.  It covers issues and adaptations connected with hearing aids and cochlear implants.  The stories are both funny and moving, as ordinary words describe how hearing loss makes one feel and behave.

Dalene Flannigan
Etobicoke, Ontario: Harris Communications, c2003
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