Using symbols and myths drawn from the struggles between the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing, this nonverbal, gestural play fascinates audiences regardless of their knowledge of deafness or sign language. An original production of the Gallaudet Theater Arts Department.

Gallaudet TV, Film & Photography


Narrator Deborah Sonnenstrahl takes us on a tour of the exhibit of art works by deaf artists on display at Gallaudet College from September 21 - December 4, 1981. She tells a little about each work. The deaf artists included are Francisco de Goya, John Brewster, Theophilus, Hope d’Estrella, Douglas Tilden, Cadwallader Washburn, Granville Redmond and Morris Broderson.

Gallaudet College Television


Thirty-seven stories by and about Deaf people. This volume in the “Deaf Storytellers Series” has 24 storytellers relating their experiences growing up Deaf in a hearing world. There are also fantasy tales and anecdotes that introduce some fascinating Deaf characters. This series is a valuable resource for language and reading classes, sign language classes, and Deaf clubs and associations.

produced by Roslyn Rosen, Mariann Sasseen, Barbara Kannapell; directed by Larry Ashley