Wyoming Department of Education-Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services


Organization Contact Name
Billie Wortham (Program Manager)
Email Address
(307) 274-1391
Organization Description

WDE Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services provides consultative services and instructional leadership by offering  training, support and guidance to all Wyoming school districts, child development centers and community organizations.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for students impacted by hearing loss through training, support and guidance to families and all related professionals who endeavor to empower all children who are deaf or hard of hearing to reach their full potential.

Outreach Services

  • Technical assistance in the form of in-services, workshops and professional development tailored to the specific needs of students/children. Topics may include:
    • Audiology information.
    • Teaching strategies.
    • Language strategies.
    • Behavior strategies.
    • Sign language support.
    • Educational Sign Language interpreting.
    • Materials available from the Outreach Library for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    • Educational Interpreting.
  • On-site observations of students who are deaf or hard of hearing with feedback to districts and centers, including instructional suggestions and input specific to the student’s needs.
  • Educational and social events for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families and service providers, such as: WY-HI (Wyoming Hearing Impaired Contact) and Secondary Transition services.

Outreach Library for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Resources and Materials

  • Instructional material for teachers.
  • Sign language dictionaries, children’s books and DVDs.
  • Language development resources.
  • Auditory training materials.
  • Assistive technology materials (i.e. cochlear implants, hearing aids, FM systems).
  • Assessment and evaluation tools.
  • Biographies of deaf individuals.
  • Parent resources.
  • EHDI hearing screen manual and CD.

For more information about Outreach Library resources and materials visit WY Services for the Deaf Library (WSD Library) on the Wyoming Instructional Network.

Updated: December 27, 2023

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