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Nashville, TN 37211
United States

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Organization Contact Name
John Forbes, President
Organization Description

This corporation is a non-profit, beneficial society of deaf-blind persons, with or without other disabilities, and their families or significant others, and other concerned individuals, organized for the purpose of advancing the economic, educational and social welfare of deaf-blind persons and improving the morale among individuals who are deaf-blind. Our Goals are:

*** To promote activities which will provide social, supportive, and educational opportunities to all persons who are deaf-blind, and their families and significant others.

***To educate the community at large about all forms and causes of deaf-blindness and the needs of the deaf-blind.


***To advocate on behalf of all deaf-blind individuals to ensure their inclusion in community activities, educational pursuits, and provision of services, as needed, to maximize their participation.

***To advocate for the provision of interpreters, facilitators, CART, real time captioning or cued speech, and SSPs (Support Service Providers), as necessary, for the participation of deaf-blind individuals in activities of their choosing.

***To advocate for the provision of sign language classes in the public schools and in all groups, social, educational, or employment, where deaf-blind individuals are active. To encourage participation of families in sign language classes and classes teaching other means of communication such as communication books, raised print and object cues.

***To establish statewide chapters of consumers, their families, significant others and professionals to pursue social, supportive, and educational/training activities as desired by the local group.

***To provide training for SSPs and other individuals, employers, teachers etc., who are interested in working with the deaf-blind.

***To provide assistance with training, or referral to training, on assistive technology devices.

***To advocate for continuing education and/or training services for the deaf-blind, realizing that often their sensory losses are progressive, and combined with aging or whatever other disability they might have.

***To provide training in Braille, use of communication books, raised print and object cues where training is available.

***To encourage work placement of all deaf-blind individuals. ***To promote family support groups and networking with families throughout the state and nation.

Updated: December 4, 2023

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