Organization Description

Our Story
When Colin, Evan, and Jack first met, they formed an instant friendship. However, because Colin is Deaf and uses American Sign Language, the trio had to communicate through written messages. Frustrated with the impersonal and inefficient nature of written communication as well as the difficulty of learning ASL online, the friends teamed up to found SignSchool as a user-friendly online platform for learning ASL. Using a modular curriculum of video lessons and interactive exercises, SignSchool aims to promote ASL learning in the hearing community to improve everyday communication accessibility between the Deaf and hearing.

Immerse Yourself in ASL

Learn American Sign Language anytime, anywhere. For Free.

For the Classroom

Make ASL come alive with video-based and interactive learning tools, optimized for schools.

ASL in Motion
See ASL come alive with video-based learning material.

Interactive Learning
Engage in active learning with interactive exercises, quick lectures, and reviews.

Time Efficient
Focus on learning the ASL most relevant to you with a modular curriculum.

Updated: October 30, 2023

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