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Founded in 2017, SignGlasses is a revolutionary tech startup committed to making a greater impact on the world through communication access for all. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, we have extended the availability and enhanced the delivery of Remote ASL/English interpretation, CART, and transcription services for organizations and educational institutions.

Our extensive network of remote interpreters, captioners, and transcribers from around the United States combined with our innovative service delivery and management platform allow us to fill service requests within minutes, not days. Our technology enables our clients to efficiently manage the logistical process and quickly provide services over many different situations and unique settings.

  • Are the smart glasses required to use the SignGlasses services?
    No. Although the smart glasses can be a great option for some hands-on environments such as labs, culinary, engineering, entertainment, etc., many of our users choose to connect with their interpreter or captioner directly through a laptop or tablet.
  • Only one-way communication? Or two-way?
    Two-way communication! Just like having an interpreter onsite, any of our Deaf users will be able to sign back and forth with the interpreter and also have the interpreter voice for them as needed.
  • Can we use the SignGlasses platform with our own staff / interpreters?
    Yes! SignGlasses was born to complement and enhance your program’s’ current resources and solutions. We can cover your full-time interpreting/captioning needs or just be a supplement in those situations where it is a struggle to find last minute options.
  • Do you use speech-to-text technology for your live captioning?
    No. Currently all the services we offer are live services. SignGlasses offers live Sign Language Interpreters and live CART/Typewell captioning
  • Can we have two services (ASL and Captioning) for the same event?
    Yes, you can! If both services are beneficial to the user, they can choose to use both services at the same time.
  • Can interpreters or/and captioners meet in other platforms (i.e., Zoom, WebEx) than SignGlasses?"
    Absolutely! We are happy to go wherever we are needed. Our top priority is providing the accommodations that will be most beneficial, regardless of what platform is used.

Updated: October 27, 2023

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