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Sign Media is the nation's leading producer of videotape and print materials on American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

SMI was founded in 1979 as a part-time venture to produce "state-of-the-art" videotape materials for learning and teaching American Sign Language. Sign Media's first set of videotapes, designed to accompany "The Green Books", created new standards of excellence in Sign Language materials. In 1985 Sign Media moved from a part-time venture to a full-time production company and has continued its leadership position in the field.

To date, Sign Media has produced over 350 video titles covering virtually all aspects of American Sign Language and the American Deaf Community including Sign Language Instruction, Interpreter Education, American Deaf Culture, Entertainment, and ASL Translations or Synopses of material published in English. The vast majority of these programs have been produced in Sign Media's custom designed facilities. These facilities include a 900 square foot studio. Full broadcast-quality production capability. In addition, Sign Media has its own in-house multi-unit duplication facilities to ensure that we maintain the highest technical quality throughout all phases of product development and delivery.

Because of the unique expertise Sign Media offers, and because of the high quality of our technical capabilities, Sign Media has also produced video products for a very select group of clients including: The International Monetary Fund, The Environmental Protection Agency, The National Guard, Baltimore Medical Systems, Gallaudet University, and Madonna University.

Updated: November 1, 2023

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