Option Schools


Organization Description

Our Mission
OPTION creates connections, resources, and insights that equip LSL leaders to confidently lead the communities they serve.

Our Vision
OPTION leads the leaders of LSL with passion, purpose, and progress.

Our Values
Lead the Leaders - Our people and their expertise are the cornerstone of LSL progress - we go all in on supporting them so they can support the communities they serve.
Learn to Advance - We support and facilitate continued research and education that validates our process and informs our progress. 
Collaborative Connection - We are specialists focused on LSL progress, but seek out conversations and connections that unite and empower families of children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
Purposeful Passion - Our deeply personal experiences with LSL unite us and propel our collective efforts; we work hard today because we know what's possible in the future. 

Our Purpose
As leaders of a movement, your work is the future. It fuels the next research project, the newest technology, and the policies that will shape children's lives in years to come.

Without your work, LSL wouldn't be the force it is today. And so we take your commitment to this field and its advancement seriously, by committing to fostering connections and supporting programs that advance your goals, your success.

At OPTION, we are dedicated to leading the leaders of the LSL field forward, ushering in the next generation of innovation and positive outcomes. And by strengthening our promise to you, we empower you to strengthen your promises to the children and families you serve. 

Updated: October 26, 2023

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