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Organization Description

A Colorado non-profit dedicated to helping families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing reach their best spoken language and mainstream outcome through Listening and Spoken Language Therapy.

Parent/Child Listening And Spoken Language (LSL) Therapy Program

The key to success for a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, and has been fitted with appropriate technological aids, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, is for the child and parent(s) to work regularly with a certified Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Specialist. LSL Specialists not only work with the child to teach sound awareness and speech production, but also empower parents with strategies they can use at home in everyday situations to reinforce the learning of these skills.

Listen has a referral network of 7 LSL Specialists up and down the Front Range and remains the only program in Colorado dedicated to the LSL therapy approach. Listen provides funding for families who might otherwise not be able to afford this critical therapy for teaching their child how to become an auditory learner and connect with the hearing world.

Listening And Spoken Language Therapy Through Tele-Intervention

Throughout most of our history, if you wanted your child to learn to listen and talk, you had to move to Denver. But in the past few years, we have expanded our programming to rural Colorado through our tele-health videoconferencing. The overall goal is for children throughout the state to have the same opportunities for social and academic success as children living along the Front Range. This program is funded by a grant through the Oberkotter Foundation in Philadelphia.

Parent-Tot Listening Groups

These groups are for any family with children ages birth to three that have a hearing loss. This program offers a fun, playful way to learn strategies on how to introduce sound and speech to the very young child. These groups also provide a venue for families to connect, share and learn from one another’s experiences.

Music Together Within Therapy

Music Together Within Therapy is a parent-tot music class. Following is an explanation from Krissa Britsch:

“Music Together is a well-established program that provides classes to parents and their children (age birth to 3). The curriculum is research-based and follows developmental norms for children. After taking classes with my own children, I saw the compatibility between Music Together and the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL)  philosophy. Music Together Within Therapy is a way of allowing various professionals (speech therapists, music therapists, etc..) to use the Music Together curriculum…. with small groups of up to 4. The more I learn about Music Together, the more I believe it will be a beautiful compliment to the LSL approach and allow us to bring something innovative to the Denver Metro population we serve.”

Summer Program

To assist school aged children who do not receive any services outside of school by providing therapy during the summer months so that these children do not lose ground in speech, language and reading skills during this three month period.

Parents Listen & Connect

This is a monthly opportunity for parents to connect and learn together. Each month parents learn new strategies to increase their child’s listening and language skills. As parents gain knowledge, they gain confidence which results in better outcomes for their child.

Early Intervention & Outreach Program

The Listen Foundation offers in-home therapy services through the State’s early intervention program for babies and toddlers, ages birth to three. In addition, we provide outreach services through our Oral Communication Consultant for early intervention providers wanting to support families in their goal of an oral outcome for their child. This unique partnership offers families the opportunity to receive additional support and consultation specific to encouraging their child in the development of listening and spoken language skills. This service also offers the opportunity for professional learning, training, teaming, and mentoring through this collaborative partnership.

Listen and Connect

Monthly workshops for hearing professionals to network and learn from one another. Facilitated by a Listen Therapist, these workshops focus on auditory skill development and parent coaching.

Cochlear Implant (CI) Family Camp

Launched in 2001 by CNI, and adopted in 2018 by the Listen Foundation, Cochlear Implant Camp creates wonderful opportunities for families of cochlear implant children from ages 3-18 years old to share their experiences and learn from each other through recreation and education programming.

CI Family Camp offers a wide range of activities, including: parent education workshops, children’s day camp sessions, family team building, nature walks, arts and crafts, climbing wall, archery, ziplining, swimming, barbecue cook out, and more. Families can meet their device companies and other vendors as well.

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