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Language Priority
Organization Description

Language Priority is a Deaf-owned business and was founded by Sara Miller in 2019. Sara is a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing (for 13 years) and is the content creator behind the Instagram account @adventuresindeafed. She uses her platform to raise awareness about deafness, language acquisition, American Sign Language, Deaf culture and the Deaf community.

Sara started Language Priority as a side business while teaching full time and within two years, the business had grown so much that she left her teaching position to become a full-time self-employed business owner! 

Sara established this business for several reasons:

  • To combat cultural appropriation of sign language that frequently occurs by companies and individuals with no ties to the Deaf community. 
  • To raise awareness and change perceptions surrounding deafness, sign language, and the Deaf community.
  • To provide families of deaf and hard of hearing children with apparel that helps their child embrace that part of their identity. 
  • To provide families, educators, community members, etc. with advocacy apparel.
  • To boost the Deaf Ecosystem by being a Deaf woman-owned Latina business!

Born severe-profoundly deaf to a hearing family, Sara has had quite the journey towards establishing her Deaf identity. It has helped mold her into the powerful advocate that she is today. 

Language Priority - Meaning behind the name

As a Deaf adult and teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH), Sara has witnessed the devastation that happens when children who are D/HH are deprived of their basic human right: LANGUAGE.

The purpose of this shop is to help raise awareness to the fact that full access to language must be the priority for our D/HH children. We must work together to change the narrative when it comes to the perceptions surrounding deafness, language acquisition, American Sign Language, and the Deaf Community. 

Updated: June 27, 2023 11:31am CDT

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