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Getting freshly roasted coffee at home or work has never been easier. Select any of our coffees. Scroll down to the 'add to cart' section, select 'Subscribe and Save', choose delivery frequency and then add it to your cart. After checking out, Horse Barn will automatically ship your coffee as expected.

Join the Horse Barn auto ship program today to experience convenience and savings. Get the coffee you want on your schedule.

Simply choose the subscribe option when adding coffee to your cart and let us know how often you want your Horse Barn coffee delivered. We will do the rest!

Cancel anytime. You have zero commitment. Want to stop your order? Easy to do so by signing into your account HERE

Modify your subscription after ordering by logging into Your Account anytime you want to change the delivery frequency, add another coffee, switch coffees or cancel.

Where does the coffee come from?

All our coffee is acquired from small farms located in Ethiopia, Bali, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, and many more around the world. These farms are family ran businesses that have been in the coffee growing industry for many generations.

Their knowledge on the production of coffee greatly exceeds mass producing machine dependent corporations that only care about quick production. Our intention with this specifically picked sourcing is not only quality, but also providing sustainable income to farmers from the above-mentioned countries.

Our coffee is fair trade coffee that is imported from their individual companies and handled by our distributor's warehouse located in sunny Temecula, CA. 

For further details and information, please visit their website. 


Updated: January 21, 2024

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