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The primary Cue College mission is to provide, to deaf children and their families and the professionals who serve them, via the Cue College website, easy and affordable access to Cued Speech training, learning materials, and support.

The Cue College platform provides online courses built in Canvas, an online Cue Store with a wide variety of Cued Speech and language learning materials, an individualized online Cue Tutor program, and a Cue Library replete with Cued Speech-related resources.

Cued Speech is a mode of communication that provides 100% visual access to the phonemes of spoken language, enables age-appropriate language and literacy development, and maximizes the benefits received from assistive listening devices of all kinds.  It is intended to be part of a holistic approach that combines cueing with everything else that could benefit the deaf child, including technology and sign language.

Cue College has the following secondary missions:

1) Creating and sustaining a platform that can be shared with colleagues in the cueing community who are invited to create courses, products, and services that align with our primary mission; and

2) Partnering with other organizations to plan, organize, and conduct research in using Cued Speech to improve educational outcomes for deaf children.


The Cue College vision is to enable every deaf child to have easy and effective communication in the spoken language of the home and community, from infancy through adulthood, providing each with the necessary foundation for attaining age-appropriate language and literacy levels and full educational and career opportunities.

Updated: October 25, 2023

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