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The principal activity of CASLI shall be the development and administration of knowledge and performance tests that measure the proficiency of an individual to interpret between deaf individuals who use sign language and individuals who speak English. This testing is conducted solely for the purpose of RID, Inc. certification.

CASLI, LLC, was created by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. to serve as a separate testing entity charged with the administration, maintenance, and development of exams that RID uses for their two certification programs; The National Interpreter Certification, or NIC, which is awarded to ASL-English interpreters who are hearing, and the Certified Deaf Interpreter, or CDI, which is awarded to ASL-English interpreters who are Deaf. 

CASLI, LLC, operates separately from RID, with their own Board of Managers and testing committee, however, RID remains CASLI’s sole owner and shareholder and CASLI remains RID’s sole testing entity that administers national ASL-English interpreter certification exams.   

CASLI exams are used for candidates pursuing either the NIC or CDI certification awarded by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. These exams are not intended for any other purpose: for any other certification or credentialing program, any licensure requirements, or as qualification for any position in employment, paid or otherwise. 

These exams are pass/fail exams used to assess whether candidates can demonstrate the minimum level of knowledge and competency to hold national certification from RID. The CASLI exams are not nor are ever intended to be an instructional or diagnostic review of a candidate’s knowledge of the professional or skills English, ASL, or interpreting between the two. 

CASLI only administers the exams used for RID’s NIC or CDI certification programs and does not have any input or authority in any other matters related to RID’s certification requirements or exam eligibility determination.

Updated: October 30, 2023 4:33pm CDT

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