California School for the Deaf


California School for the Deaf

39350 Gallaudet Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
United States

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(510) 248-4204 (Voice)
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(510) 248-4205 (Video Phone)
Organization Description

The California School for the Deaf is an internationally renowned leader of bilingual education, providing a positive learning environment in which all Deaf students thrive. 

The California School for the Deaf is recognized for academic rigor and direct instruction in American Sign Language and English. Through our fully-accredited programs, visual learning environment and strong partnerships with families and communities, our students experience right language opportunities, develop appreciation for diversity and lead fulfilling lives. 

The DNA of California School for the Deaf: ► FREE public school supporting all families with Deaf children of any hearing level, using Bilingual ASL and English curriculum ► Early childhood education programs and support for families with children 0-6  ► International leader of bilingual and multicultural education while meeting State standards for curriculum and assessments through 12th grade ► Full and active citizenship that contributes to society. ► Direct instruction in ASL and English allows for multiple language opportunities and peer interactions

Counties Served by CSD:

Updated: June 5, 2023 11:54am CDT

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