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From Our Founder - Missy Keast

I am deaf and have taught ASL to thousands of students in the last 30 years. I built this website to incorporate all the lessons I have learned teaching those students. Some of them were taking classes for college and high school credit. Others simply wanted to learn ASL. Regardles of your reason for learning, this program, backed by university research, helps you learn to sign faster than any other ASL course. Instead of me telling you how good it is why don't you just try it? For FREE. That's right. I will give you the first 5 modules for free. You can see for yourself how easy it is to learn ASL, to sign naturally, using my system.


To accelerate your learning my team created the world’s most technically advanced ASL delivery platform. This is not a generic platform for all languages or all courses. This was designed and optimized for ASL. We have a proprietary “Magic Mirror” for instant expressive skills feedback. We have also simulated role play so that you can practice signing to someone even if you are alone. Adaptive vocabulary review is coming soon so that you only practice the words and phrases that you need.

How You Learn

You will learn to sign naturally, the way the deaf and hard of hearing sign. You will become conversationally fluent in American Sign Language so that you can sign ASL with deaf friends and family members. With this program you will learn ASL faster than with any other program available. I guarantee it, Yes there is vocabulary. Yes there are phrases. However, there is much much more. We teach you from the very beginning to just get started and begin to sign. See for yourself.


Updated: January 19, 2024

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