Anne Reuss: Personal Trainer to Travel-Obsessed Creative Leaders


Anne Reuss: Personal Trainer To Travel-Obsessed Creative Leaders
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The fitness industry is so noisy, isn’t it?

Everyone has an opinion on how you should workout, eat, supplement, the wrong things to do, how to line up your spine with your neck (what?), and they’re all talking at lightning speed expecting you to keep up.

The overlapping noise is not quite…accessible and sometimes counterintuitive.

It’s time to cut the noise.

Accessibility to health and strength DRIVE my teachings, meaning I am committed to you having the best experience. It’s so much more than just telling you “two more reps.”

And finally, finally…get results you want without sacrificing yourself to hours in the gym or a world without chocolate.

Less noise, more coaching! 🎊


Knowledge Juice
Drink up some knowledge with a “pick my brain call.” If personal training isn’t for you, but you want a friend to discuss and guide you - let’s have a virtual coffee and talk. $99


I work with travel obsessed creatives, CEOS & leaders who:

  • Want to take on the world with more strength & energy
  • Who are tired of generic programming without seeing results or knowing the answer to “Am I doing it right?
  • Want their very own program to follow that they can do in their adventurous, sometimes hectic, lifestyle, but you don’t make excuses for sacrificing your health & vitality.


  • FOLLOW - Get your own program designed to fit your lifestyle, your equipment, your schedule.
  • Submit videos for coaching feedback.
  • Best suited for experienced trainees who know form & weights. Weekly check-ins and texting support included.
  • VIRTUAL 1:1 - Meet with me 4-8 x a month for training sessions uniquely designed for YOU, wherever you are: Hotel rooms, AirBnbs, or your own living room. I take care of everything. You show up with a good attitude!
  • HYBRID - Get a program AND meet with me. This is the most wildly successful combination due to consistency, accountability, instant feedback & progress, and it’s FUN!
  • EQUIPMENT - You can start with nothing and/or what you already have access to, and I help my clients shop for equipment that align with their goals!
  • LEVEL UP - After working together virtually, we can level up to Reverse Retreats (where I come to you) or we design our own retreat adventure together to build enjoyable habits that support your lifestyle goals & get hands-on personal training.

Apply to be a client to see if it’s a potential fit, then we’ll sash-tay on a complimentary virtual coffee chat and decide what’s next!

Fill out form here

***You can hire me to travel to train on-site for an immersive learning experience, or follow me on Instagram to see where I am, and snag an in-person session!


Retreats are normally when you go to a beautiful location, but what if I came to you, or we picked our very own location to adventure? Retreats usually have an entire itinerary planned, but I customize it for us based on our needs, wants, interests, location, etc.

I’ve hosted various clients in Mammoth Lakes, traveled to their home in Canada and roadtripped, explored classes in Asheville, and grooved on the beaches of San Diego.

  • After completing a questionnaire prior to my visit, you:
  • Get a wellness audit the first 48 hours (judgement-free)! You might have habits you don’t realize to celebrate and to tweak to make you GLOW.
  • You get personal training in-person & skyrocket knowledge and understanding on form so you can train efficiently going forward with ongoing support.
  • We’ll also break down steps to get any specific performance goals you have (pull-ups at home or paddle boarding in Portugal, anyone?)
  • We spend 3 to 5 days identifying enjoyable habits you want to build into your life and how you’ll do exactly that.
  • Release tension: Retreats often focus on meditation and quiet time. I get quiet, being Deaf, so I want to introduce you to a new kind of peace you get from doing “hard shit:” Urging you to leave the comfort zone. Maybe there’s a hike, a fitness class, or a water sport you’ve always wanted to try and I’ll do it with you.
  • Apply to become a client or email me at to start a conversation. This is for people/couples who are serious about electrifying their lifestyle with strength, health, and vitality with a partner-in-crime.

    Looking to hire some representation and expand diversity & inclusion in fitness? Available to help your coaches expand their toolkit for more accessible coaching, and/or coach feature programs using my unique method of cutting the noise. Email me

Updated: February 2, 2024

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