Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting (https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/event/early-hearing-detection-and-intervention-meeting-03-08-2015)

This is an in-person event.

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Galt House Hotel
140 North Fourth St.
Louisville, KY 40202
United States

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In its 14th year, the EHDI Meeting has built a strong reputation for bringing together a wide variety of attendees including those who: work in state Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs; assist in EHDI efforts on the federal level; provide screening, diagnostic and early intervention support at the state/ local level to young children with hearing loss and their families; champion Medical Home activities within each state; are parents of children with hearing loss; or are deaf or hard-of-hearing adults who are helping to expand opportunities for young children with hearing loss. EHDI Meeting participants will range from state and local programs to the federal level and from academics to families.

The goal of the annual EHDI Meeting is to enhance the implementation of comprehensive state-based Early HearingDetection and Intervention (EHDI) programs. After participating in the meeting, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify and promote knowledge and awareness of successful strategies for implementing comprehensive state-based EHDI programs that include screening, audiologic diagnostic evaluation, early intervention, medical home, reporting, tracking, surveillance, loss to follow-up issues, data integration, and other related surveillance components.
  • Interpret and describe current research and research methods related to EHDI.
  • Examine cultural competence of providers and assess their ability to work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families, and communities.
  • Discuss the importance of enhancing and creating new and ongoing working relationships among federal agencies, non-profit organizations, state health departments and educational agencies, advocacy groups, families, and professionals.

By registering for the Annual EHDI Meeting, all participants agree to abide by the following Principles of Participation: The right to participate in the EHDI Annual Meeting is fundamental to ensuring open dialogue between all EHDI stakeholders. The Meeting Organizers encourage respectful dialogue as a key element of participation among all meeting participants. The EHDI Annual Meeting opposes the disruption of any meeting sessions or events that results in the inability for dialogue to take place.  The EHDI Annual Meeting reserves the right to withdraw the name badge, and therefore deny access, to participants who do not adhere to these Principles of Participation.

We hope you will be able to join us for an exciting Meeting in Louisville, KY!

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