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This conference is provided free of charge for families of deaf/hard-of-hearing or blind/visually impaired children in the state of Tennessee.

REAL Program:
Who? - This track is for parents/guardians of deaf and hard of hearing children ages from birth to three years old.

What? - Hands-on activities for children and parent workshops about language acquisition will be provided


Presented by: Elizabeth Parker, MEd. and Cass Fogelstrom, MS, LSLS Cert. AVEd

Webinar Description:

We all begin meetings and conversations with simple questions. But are we expecting simple, one-word answers, or do we really want to have a more enlightening discussion? In this presentation, we will talk about various question forms and the resulting responses that actually get to the heart of the matter: better communication and better connections.

Presenters Bios:



This conference is for parents, caregivers and professionals that have a child or young adult with deafblindness.

June 9th Preconference:  9am – 3pm Gwyn McCormack
June 9th 4pm – 6pm:  Registration for Conference
June 9th 6:00pm – 8:30pm:  Conference Begins with Dinner & Parent Panel


Interveners – Beth Kennedy/Panel

Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) Part 1 and 2 - Chris Russell


Presented by: Marianne Huish, M.Ed.

Learning Objectives:

Supporting Children in Extra-Curricular Activities is intended to support parents and caregivers of children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing as they engage in extra-curricular activities…

· What does the environment look like (is it a dance studio? A soccer field?)

· What are common vocabulary words used in the activity (e.g. soccer: kleets, soccer ball, net, goal, positions of team members) and how can I help preteach important words and terms to my child?


This is a learning opportunity provided by TSD Outreach Servcies for families with children identified with hearing loss/hearing concerns and professionals who serve them. Each gathering has information that is relevant to families with a deaf/HH/Deafblind child. Danna Conn and Suzanne Dinwiddie of teh Deafblind Project will be the speakers.