Creating Partnerships with your EHDI and Hands and Voices Chapters

Event Type
Deaf-Blind Programs,

SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
ASL Interpreters Provided/Spoken Spanish Interpreters Provided

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

PRESENTER:  Emma Nelson

This presentation will highlight potential benefits of collaborations between the National Deaf-Blind Technical Assistance Network, EHDI programs, and Hands & Voices State Chapters to address critical needs in the areas of early identification of infants and toddlers who are deaf-blind, referral to state deaf-blind projects, and appropriate intervention for infants and toddlers with deaf-blindness. The focus of the presentation will identify common risk factors and etiologies associated with deaf-blindness and highlight the necessity for statewide systems level collaboration between Deaf-Blind Projects, EHDI Programs, Family Organizations such as Hands & Voices State Chapters, and Part C Early Intervention to identify hearing and vision losses and refer for appropriate services as early as possible. Additionally, the presentation will provide examples of emerging state based solutions and present the opportunity for active discussion around possible additional solutions and partnerships to adequately meet the unique needs of this population.

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