Boundary Issues in Educational Interpreting: Where and How Do you Draw the Line?

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February 18, 2-23 from 9am-1pm Central Time Zone via Zoom

Often in K-12 settings, when faced with a situation that crosses a boundary, interpreters will use ASL signs like BACK-OUT (of a situation), DRAW-THE-LINE (between me and the consumer), THINK-SELF (“It’s up to you” and NOT-MY-BUSINESS. Yet, when talking about the necessities of educational settings, these very same interpreters will assert how critical it is to create rapports with the Deaf students(s) and hearing consumers. These two seemingly contradictory views leave the educational interpreter in a quandary. What, then, is the balance between establishing healthy relationships and keeping your distance in the classroom setting? Where should interpreters draw the line? What kind of line should be drawn? This workshop will explore this issue and offer possible solutions through a synthesis of research and first-person experiences/responses.

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