HL Sonny Callahan School for the Deaf & Blind

Colorado Talking Book Library

DeafBlind Events of the Tristate area: NY, NJ, CT

DeafBlind Retreat of Arizona

Delaware School for the Deaf

AL Institute for the Deaf and Blind Entities

Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind

ASDB Mission

We are committed to excellence and innovation in:

  • Education for all children, throughout Arizona, who are hard of hearing, deaf or have vision loss
  • Leadership and Service

Kansas Deaf-Blind Project

The Kansas Deaf-Blind project provides technical assistance to families and educational teams who serve learners with combined hearing and vision loss in Kansas (birth to 21 years old).

The Wyoming Relay/Deaf Services Program

Washington State DeafBlind Citizens, Inc.

Texas Education Association Sensory Impairments

Texas School for the Blind

Jewish Deaf Congress

Jewish Deaf Congress is a vibrant organization, serving persons who are Jewish and Deaf, primarily in North America.

Jewish Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafned persons and their families gather together in our…

National Center on Deaf-Blindness

The National Center on Deaf-Blindness primary mission is to support state deaf-blind projects as they assist educators, agencies, and organizations to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to help children with deaf-blindness learn, access the…

ASLized! - Protactile Linguistics for the DeafBlind

Video discusses Protactile Linguistics for the DeafBlind.

DeafBlind Community of Mississippi

We are about Social Well Being of the DeafBlind, Deaf and Blind.

Department of Aging and Disability Services - CT Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind Services

Programs and services offered by the Department of Aging and Disability Services for people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or DeafBlind.

Avamere at Chestnut Lane

Specializing in accommodating residents who are Deaf and DeafBlind with assisted living housing and respite care.



Jewish Deaf Congress Inc.
1516 S Farrell Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92264
United States