Deaf Blue Cats

Deaf Tax Honolulu

Parents Gone Hiatus

Lost River Vacations

Language Priority

Language Priority is a Deaf-owned business and was founded by Sara Miller in 2019. Sara is a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing (for 13 years) and is the content creator behind the Instagram account @adventuresindeafed. She uses her…

Monroe Pedagogy

An online consulting firm promoting critical literacy in Deaf Education programs of all entities. Operated by a Black LGBTQ+ Deafblind.

By Mara Apparel

Mara Ladines is a Deaf, Asian, female business owner living in “The Big Apple”. She has a small clothing store in Dumbo, Brooklyn called By Mara which features the “I Love You” symbol in American Sign Language.

Girl and Creativity

The mission at Girl and Creativity is to inspire fashion for women to feel beautiful and confident with empowerment of self love and help them break any barriers and insecurities. We believe fashion is more than  just style. It is all about how you…

Claire Cassidy Photography

Claire is a California-based Deaf photographer and graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. She currently teaches English and Visual Journalism in Livermore, CA. Visit her website for booking and contact information.

58 Creativity

The vision of 58 Creativity is to create digital art and design that inspires the imagination, infused with Deaf culture. We strive to THINK BIG in everything we do!

Brittany Castle is a California-based artist who grew up immersed in Deaf…


PILEA Play is a community space for young children and their families to play, create, investigate, and build community.

They are an inclusive play-space that is Deaf owned.  PILEA Play welcomes Deaf/Hard of Hearing children alongside hearing…

Elizabeth Shuler-Krause Advocacy & Consulting

Elizabeth Shuler-Krause Advocacy & Consulting's mission is to empower families and educators in accessing, creating and benefiting from early learning experiences that allow each child to reach their full potential.

They are committed to…

Deaf Land & Sea Travel

We specialized in deaf travel, deaf group cruises, vacations, escorted tours, and more.

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