LSDHH Application

Regardless of  where you live in Tennessee you may borrow materials from the Library Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing collection.  However, your hometown will determine the type of library card you will need.

  • Tennessee residents living outside of Davidson County (Nashville) may download this application and mail, email or fax the completed form to us along with ONE appropriate proof of identification and Tennessee residency. (For example, a copy of your Drivers License. It has both your picture and current address.)

    • Approved forms of identification: (PO Box is NOT sufficient)

      • Drivers License
      • Learners’ Permit
      • ID Only
      • Felony/Offender ID
      • School ID (if under 18)
      • Nursing Home ID
      • Special Institution
      • Military ID
      • Passport
    • Approved proof of current street address (if different from address on I.D.)
      • Checkbook
      • Piece of mail- postmarked within the last month
      • Pay Stub- issued within the last month
      • Voters Registration Card
      • Lease/Deed Agreement
      • Current Utility Bill- dated within the last month