Accessibility Anywhere Almost, CART and Captioning for Web-based Applications

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United States

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Great Lakes ADA Center
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877-232-1990 (Voice)
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ADA National Network
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800-949-4232 (Voice)
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Accessible Programs,

This webinar will cover the entire process of delivering real-time captioning over the internet for a number of applications. With the rapid advancement of technology, services can be provided in many locations that were not viable options just a few years ago. If you have a smartphone or an iPad you can now participate from almost anywhere. First we will review real caption applications including stadiums, providing services in the classroom and captioning of web-based applications like Google Hangouts. We will also review who is really doing the work of converting speech to text. This includes covering a number of options from text interpreting, voice recognition and stenographers and how their technologies work. By the end of this webinar you should be familiar with the latest options for receiving real-time captions and how the service is provided. 


Deadline to Register: November 19, 2014

  • The webinar is free, but advanced registration is required.
  • A certificate of attendance is available upon request, once actual attendance/participation is documented.
  • The webinar is scheduled from 2:00-3:30p.m. EST. The program is available in three formats: Streaming audio via the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform (free); Real-time Captioning via the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform (free); A telephone option is also available by calling the toll free number--NOTE: You will incur charges for telephone access based on your telephone provider. The session will have a digital recording of the session archived after the event. 

Contact for more information: 

Great Lakes ADA Center

Phone: 877-232-1990 (toll free) or 312-413-1856 (v/tty)

Fax: 312-413-1856

Web: Webinar Series: Accessible Technology



ADA National Network

Phone: 800-949-42-32 (v/tty)