Walk 4 Hearing logo with green foot imprint to the left of "Walk 4 Hearing". Hearing Loss Association of America in red print above "Walk 4 Hearing".
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Walk4Hearing is a nationwide campaign which brings hope to people with hearing loss in 21 cities, meeting them in their communities to raise awareness and show support. Teams of family and friends join with local HLAA Chapters and nonprofit and business partners to raise funds for local programs and promote hearing health.  Walk4Hearing is HLAA’s community of support in action, breaking down barriers to hearing health and empowering people with hearing loss across the U.S.


Partnership for Families, Children and Adults

Join Us this Thursday at 6 pm for a Class on Weather Safety taught by the National Weather Service. Learn about weather preparedness and how to receive weather information. We hope to see you there!


Melissa Yingst is Deaf and Latinx who serves the community in Mental health and social Justice. She graduated from Gallaudet University BA Psychology and Grad School of Social work in Arizona. 

Melissa's passion for media is also evident in her work on her show, MELMIRA, where she fosters open and honest conversations around important social issues. Her show has garnered significant attention for its powerful impact on viewers and creating community dialogue. 


Statewide Conference for Families, Professionals, and Community 2024: Growing Together!
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Conference information:
Conference calendar: (Times may vary. All times are Central Standard Time.)

Friday, November 1 - 5:00pm-7:00pm- Conference Reception & networking
Light refreshments will be served. This is an opportunity to network and build connections
with Tennessee’s families of deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing children, the professionals
who serve them, and the Deaf community!

Saturday, November 2 - 7:00am-3:30pm- Conference open


Knoxville Center of the Deaf Logo

Knoxville Center of the Deaf (KCD) is hosting a town hall meeting. 

The topic is "Rebranding (changing) the name of Knoxville Center of the Deaf". 

We need your inputs. 

Anna Austin will be leading this meeting. 


Knoxville Center of the Deaf Logo

It's almost Tax Season! Need assistance filing your taxes? Is there a communication barrier? Fret not- we have partnered with CAC VITA who will be assisting you to file tax and interpreters will be provided on March 15th. To reserve your spot, please contact Lara Whitfield-Garfinkel

What to bring on March 15th:

1. A Social Security Card for everyone whose name will appear on the tax return (spouse, dependents etc.).

2. A picture ID for the main taxpayers (example if married, both spouses must present a picture ID)