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A national organization of families and professionals committed to education, empowering and supporting parents and families to create opportunities for their children who are deaf and hard of hear

>Learn more https://deafchildren.org/

Sunday Worship Service @ 10:45 A.M. can be interpreted if requested 24 hrs in advance. During Advent and Lent, Wednesday evening services are also interpreted.

>Learn more http://www.bethlehemjc.org

Formerly known as VSA TN, Borderless Arts Tennessee is a statewide organization committed to inclusive and accessible arts programs for people with disabilities to enhance educational curriculum, e

>Learn more https://borderlessartstn.org/

Speech Pathology Section provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services for children and adults.

>Learn more http://brsh.org/

Serves students who are hearing impaired and between the ages of three and twenty-two.

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In-Person and Virtual Options!

June 2021, July 12-16, July 19-23

>Learn more https://www.bridgesfordeafandhh.org/youth-education-services

Provides Sign Language/Oral Interpreting Services, Sign Language Classes (all levels), Public Awareness/Outreach, Advocacy, Information & Referral Services, Client Assistance, Quarterly New

>Learn more https://www.frontierhealth.org/service-guide.php?l=48

CREEC is a nonprofit membership organization whose goal is to ensure that everyone can fully and independently participate in our nation’s civic life without discrimination based on race, gender, d

>Learn more https://creeclaw.org/

TTY used for routine phone inquiries only - not available for public use in-library.

>Learn more http://tenv-verso.auto-graphics.com/MVC/#home/-1|322

Disability Rights Tennessee (DRT) provides free legal and advocacy services in an effort to protect the rights of Tennesseans with disabilities.

>Learn more http://www.disabilityrightstn.org

Injury Lawyer News believes strongly in helping students achieve their goals of higher education, especially when they are faced with challenges such as physical and learning disabilities.

>Learn more https://injurylawyer-news.com/scholarship/

East Tennessee State University is committed to the goal of integrating students with disabilities into the campus community to the fullest extent possible.

>Learn more http://www.etsu.edu/students/disable/

*Refer to Statewide Services: Rehabilitation Services, Administrative Office for description.

>Learn more https://www.tn.gov/humanservices/ds/deaf-and-hard-of-hearing-services.html

Provides professional services in the areas of speech, language, and hearing for individuals of all ages while educating graduate students.

>Learn more http://etsu.edu/crhs/clinics.php

We offer a spectrum of services for all children with special needs ages 3-21.

>Learn more http://www.ecschools.net/

June 24-27, 9-2; June 28, 9-11:30. LOCATION: ETSU's Johnson City campus. GOAL: This is a camp for children with hearing loss.

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A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to enhance the potential of infants and young children with disabilities by offering support to their families and the early intervention professionals w

>Learn more http://www.fotbabies.org/

Camp Catch Them Young is a two-week, youth leadership and cultural immersion program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing high school students of color (grades 9-12).

>Learn more https://www.gallaudet.edu/multicultural-student-development-and-mentoring/camp-catch-them-young

Receives emergency calls for Police, Emergency Medical Services, City and Volunteer Fire Department, Sheriff, and Rescue Squad by dialing 911 (V/TTY), and dispatches all medical, fire, and resc

>Learn more http://www.greenecountytngov.com/s_EMA.php

Educational services for D/HH students (3-21 yrs.). Hamblen Co.

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Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, service allows for a natural conversation flow — you speak directly to the other party and then listen while reading captions of what's said to you.

>Learn more http://www.hamiltonrelay.com/captel/state.html

Teacher and interpreters for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

>Learn more http://www.hck12.net

Hearing Technologies offers professional service beginning with a full site survey to help determine how the Hearing Loop can best address your specific needs.

>Learn more https://www.letsloopnashville.com

Provides free access to distance communication technologies to people with significant combined hearing and vision loss who meet federal income guidelines.

>Learn more https://www.icanconnect.org/tennessee

Provides accessible theater performances for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth.

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Reference questions taking no longer than 5 minutes to answer will be taken by TTY; otherwise, patron will be called back with answer; in-library TTY use available to the public.

>Learn more http://tenv-verso.auto-graphics.com/mvc/

TTY Loans Reference Service: providing answers to questions, providing information on whether or not we own a specific book or magazine and if it is currently available.

>Learn more http://www.jcpl.net

Educational services K-12, 1 certified deaf educator, 5 teaching assistants (proficient in sign language), 1 speech pathologist (trained in Cued Speech techniques), 8 students enrolled in a conti

>Learn more http://www.jcschools.org

Public school system providing services to students with disabilities.

>Learn more http://www.jocoed.k12tn.net

Serving students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing between the ages of 3 and 21 in a variety of settings.

>Learn more https://www.k12k.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1423346&type=d&pREC_ID=1591188

This phone number connects to the Reference Department of the library.

>Learn more http://www.kingsportlibrary.org/

Language Link sends certified interpreters to a variety of settings in the Tri-Cities TN area for vocational, medical, educational, religious, community, and fine arts assignments.

>Learn more http://www.languagelinkinterpreting.com

A statewide information resource center regarding all aspects of hearing loss, deafness and deaf-blindness.

>Learn more https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov

MCRC is a retirement and community center in the planning and organizational stages. It's primary target population will be seniors who are deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing

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Comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for all ages.

>Learn more http://www.mrshc.org

The National Association of Interpreters in Education, NAIE, is an organization of interpreters who provide services to support the communication needs of students in educational settings.

>Learn more https://naiedu.org/

The NCSA supports a community of cuers who have come together to promote language accessibility through Cued Speech. Some of us are native cuers.

>Learn more https://cuedspeech.org/

Classroom accommodations determined on an individual basis including note-taker services, interpreters, career and academic counseling. TTYs and closed-captioned TV/VCR units are available.

>Learn more http://www.northeaststate.edu

NETRID meets monthly at ETSU Disability Services, 3rd floor of the Culp Center.

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