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Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is nonprofit organization serving Middle Tennessee and parts of southern Kentucky.
>Learn more https://www.bridgesfordeafandhh.org/
Chattanooga State Community College offers support services for students with a variety of disabilities who are seeking one year certificates or two-year associate degrees.
>Learn more https://www.chattanoogastate.edu/student-support/services/disability-support
Provides Sign Language/Oral Interpreting Services, Sign Language Classes (all levels), Public Awareness/Outreach, Advocacy, Information & Referral Services, Client Assistance, Quarterly Newsle
>Learn more https://www.frontierhealth.org/service-guide.php?l=48
Providing interpreting services for our second service (Sunday mornings at 11:00 am), along with other services/events at Community when possible, upon request.
>Learn more http://cchville.org/
Provides: (1) certified interpreters, (2) walk-in client assistance (sign-to-voice telephone relay, assistance with forms/applications), (3) advocacy, (4) job counseling/placement assistance, (5) info
>Learn more https://deafconnectmidsouth.org/
Interpreting service for the deaf by R.I.D. certified interpreter.
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Gate is a national, non-profit organization. Our mission is to educate and minister to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing communities.
>Learn more https://www.gatecommunications.org/
We provide Nationally Certified American Sign Language Interpreters (both on-site and by way of VRI), as well as remote CART. We have two Certified Mental Health Interpreters.
>Learn more http://interpretingassociates.com/index.html
Provides interpreter services, technical assistance, referral service, workshops, and sign language classes.
>Learn more http://www.j-cil.com/deaf--hard-of-hearing-services.html
Provides sign language and oral interpreter services, information and referral, public awareness and advocacy, employment assistance, American Sign Language (ASL) classes, and a wide array of social a
>Learn more http://kcdtn.org/
Language Link sends certified interpreters to a variety of settings in the Tri-Cities TN area for vocational, medical, educational, religious, community, and fine arts assignments.
>Learn more http://www.languagelinkinterpreting.com
We provide over-the-phone interpreter services and Video Remote Interpreting for the Deaf community.
>Learn more http://www.lifelinks.net/
TypeWell Transcriber, RID-NIC Certified Sign Language Interpreter
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E-newsletters - provides information for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community events in the greater Memphis area.
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NAOBI is the National Alliance of Black Interpreters. It is an organization comprised of African American/Black Sign Language Interpreters.
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The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
>Learn more http://rid.org
A community service center for people who are deaf or hard of hearing providing: interpreting, telephone relay services, information and referral, out-reach, coordination/linkage with agencies and
>Learn more https://www.partnershipdhh.com/
Empowering the Deaf community for life and ministry. We make it easy and affordable to provide professional, passionate, and Christ-loving interpreters for your ministry.
>Learn more http://sonshineinterpreting.com/
In everything we do, we believe that trust is an integral component.
>Learn more http://vcinterpreting.com