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Community ASL strives to create a STRESS FREE learning environment with whimsical sentences to ensure you laugh and learn throughout the course. There is almost a Dr.

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Provides speech and language services and auditory training for children in Anderson County. Hearing impaired students are mainstreamed into regular classrooms or CDC classrooms

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They offer services for families with deaf or hard of hearing children, adults losing their hearing, hearing teens, adults and professionals wanting/needing to learn sign, home-school high school s

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Public school system

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Learn the basics of conversational-level American Sign Language, the manual alphabet, finger spelling and deaf culture.

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Berns Therapy Solutions provides speech-language therapy for children from preschool through high school.

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LRE education for all hearing impaired and deaf PS-12 grade students. For those who prefer a residential setting, contract arrangements and transport to TSD is available.

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Serves students who are hearing impaired and between the ages of three and twenty-two.

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Audiometric screening and threshold testing, Amplification equipment available for use in school programs, Impedance Audiometry, Hearing aid maintenance program, Transportation provided for thos

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Special education services including instruction and consultation for students with disabilities.

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Established in June, 1998, the University of Tennessee Center on Deafness (COD) provides an array of programs for research, training, and outreach services that are related to deafness and disabili

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Chattanooga State Community College offers support services for students with a variety of disabilities who are seeking one year certificates or two-year associate degrees.

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3 years - 21 years, Special Education program, psychological assessments, related services including therapy (PT, OT, SLT, vision, behavioral), assistive technology, information about IDEA and Sect

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Public school system

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Arrangements for note takers and interpreters assistance in securing special materials, equipment and adaptive aids, and other specialized accommodations to meet the student's individual needs.

>Learn more http://www.clevelandstatecc.edu/admissions/advising-and-orientation-disability-support-services

Mainstreamed program for hearing impaired students (with interpreters as needed).

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Provides: (1) certified interpreters, (2) walk-in client assistance (sign-to-voice telephone relay, assistance with forms/applications), (3) advocacy, (4) job counseling/placement assistance, (5) i

>Learn more http://deafconnectmidsouth.org/

The deaf education program serves children with hearing impairments age 3 to twelfth grade. Students are served by an itinerant deaf educator.

>Learn more http://www.dicksoncountyschools.org/

Injury Lawyer News believes strongly in helping students achieve their goals of higher education, especially when they are faced with challenges such as physical and learning disabilities.

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Preschool - 12th grade. Public education.

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The purpose of the ETRRC is to provide a systematic way to assess and respond to local education agencies (LEAs) and related service agencies who need to improve programs for children with disabili

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Provides professional services in the areas of speech, language, and hearing for individuals of all ages while educating graduate students.

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See Tennessee Technology Access Project under Statewide Services for description.

>Learn more http://www.ettac.org/