Supporting the Use of Consistent Interventions: A Framework for Collaborating with Educational Teams Serving Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss (

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SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
Tuesdays and Thursdays
(ASL Interpreting, Captioning & Spanish Interpreting Provided)
Sponsored by the Southeast State DeafBlind Projects

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

Children with combined vision and hearing loss learn best when their world is predictable and communication is fully supported. Home and classroom routines that occur each day, in the same way, and using the same materials help build anticipation, understanding, and communication/language development. Whether it’s waking in the morning, sitting down to have a meal, arrival at school, or engagement in classroom activities, these events instill a feeling of comfort for the child, and provide predictable sensory input (visual, auditory, tactile). However, consistent use of targeted intervention approaches is often challenging due to demands on caregiver time at home, staffing issues in classrooms, limited collaboration, and atypical patterns of children’s communication and learning styles. This presentation will provide a consultation framework for collaborating with families and educational teams to encourage and support consistent routines and interventions.

PRESENTER:  Tracy Luiselli, Ed.D., Director, New England Consortium on Deafblindness

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