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TIME:  7:00 pm CST; 8:00 pm EST

Free event! Come play with us! Win prizes donated by Deaf owned businesses - Armoire Boutique by Kimberly Whetter and Level Clear Chat by Amy Bogartz - plus one lucky winner will win the entire SIGN WITH ROBERT series!

The interactive graphics are going to blow your mind. Seriously! Tech director David Maldow will amaze you with some of the interactive graphics he has planned for both events.

You can watch the fun or raise your hand to join us live onscreen to answer Deaf trivia and win prizes. With Robert DeMayo, Monique Holt, Michelle Banks and Frank Dattolo. Interpreted by Paul Raci, Julie Pond and Andrew Leyva (trilingual for any Spanish speakers - we are accessible!) Your whole family can watch!

Register to watch or play on our website.

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Sponsored by: Sign with Robert

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