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Deaf Family Reunion is an event celebrated by adults and children living with a common experience. Our deafness, which is a communication disability, sets us apart in a finely grained ranged of experiences. Within those experiences, we find common ground with one another, we are a Deaf Family. Within the Deaf Family, there are different approaches to reconcile with the challenges that having a communication disability brings: our Deaf Family includes ASL, ESL, and Oralism (AGB).

Every and anyone that has ever known a deaf person, everyone that is deaf/Deaf/Hard 0f Hearing/Oral/Deaf-Blind, and people from the community that are interested in Deaf Culture and the use of sign language are part of the Deaf Family. Deaf Families celebrate the successes of everyone, including those that are not ‘culturally Deaf’ because they at least have a common experience that comes from the challenge of interacting in verbal dialogue with others. Being a member of the Deaf Family speaks to inherent strengths in being able to find non-verbal ways of expressing meaning, intent, and desire.

The event is an annual homecoming for the described Deaf Family, is the opportunity where they meet friends old and new. This year, The Deaf Family Reunion will invite regional organizations that have associations with the deaf community to take this opportunity as a clearing-house of information about how we can best work together as a community to support and promote the Deaf Family.

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