Tennessee Hands & Vocies Summer Family Event (https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/event/tennessee-hands-vocies-summer-family-event-07-19-2014)

This is an in-person event.

Event Date

Tennessee Riverpark Shelter #3
4301 Amnicola Higway
Chattanooga, TN 37402
United States

Moderation state:
Contact Name
Brandi Groce

What will happen:  
We will eat pizza for lunch at 12:00. Activities range from the playground, taking a ride on their bikes, playing ball in the field, or taking a stroll around the Riverpark. 

Who is invited:
Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, their families, the professionals who serve them, and Deaf or Hard of Hearing adults/mentors.

Food is provided: 
Pizza and Little Debbies will be provided. If you would like to volunteer to bring a pack of drinks, juices, or waters, please let Brandi Groce know when you RSVP.

Please help get the word out to any parents of Deaf and HOH children you may know and encourage them to come and meet other children and their parents. We are a great group of parents and professionals who enjoy one another, learn from one another, and support one another without bias! Contact Brandi Groce with any questions. We really look forward to this summer event, and I hope to see you there!

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Source URL: https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/event/tennessee-hands-vocies-summer-family-event-07-19-2014

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