Powered On is the uplifting, true story of Sarah Churman's amazing transition from a life without natural hearing to a new world of sound. Nearly three decades after being born profoundly deaf, an advancement in technology allowed Sarah to hear the voices of her own children clearly for the very first time. In this deeply personal work, she reveals what it means to experience both sides of a disability-including the remarkable life skills and lessons she gained from years of being "inside herself," the joys inherent in listening, and the importance of tuning out certain noises in the commotion that surrounds us all.

Sarah Churman
Pensacola, FL: Indigo River Publishing, c2012
Powered On: The Sounds I Choose to Hear & The Noise I Don't

Source URL: https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/library/materials/powered-on-the-sounds-i-choose-to-hear-the-noise-i-dont

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