"I sat in meeting after meeting listening to Max's teachers say 'What a joy it is to have Max in my class.' They talked about this little boy always smiling and a delight to teach. Two years later these same teachers said we can't educate Max. Then the District wanted to toss Max aside after wasting two years of his education with no real plan. I should have known there was something wrong when Max said to one of his teachers 'I don't want to come here anymore. Nobody likes me. I have no friends.' Alienated and pushed aside from the moment Max entered the District it was heartbreaking to watch and wonder what was to become of Max. Fear overcame me; scared Max would be forever lost in an educational system unable to teach him. It became my life's mission to fix the wrong that was done to Max. I was plunged into the fight of my life against a cutthroat District more focused on penny-pinching than educating. Never was I more afraid of failure, knowing Max's education was on the line and even more disheartening was the knowledge that if I lose my son pays the ultimate price."--Back cover

Tom Gibson
Glen Cove, NY: Tom Gibson, c2012
Mainstreaming / Inclusion
Lost in the System: A Father's Story of Fighting Against the Cut-Throat Business Known as Special Education

Source URL: https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/library/materials/lost-in-the-system-a-fathers-story-of-fighting-against-the-cut-throat-business

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