Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen and Talk: Developing Speech Through Audition (https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/event/teaching-children-with-hearing-loss-to-listen-and-talk-developing-speech-through-audition)

  • Learn how children with hearing loss develop intelligible spoken language through audition
  • Learn about the acoustic cues for speech that are available for auditory-verbal development
  • Learn auditory strategies and techniques for developmental as well as remedial instruction
  • Learn a basic hierarchy of auditory skills specific to phonetic level development
  • Examine a variety of listening activities for varying stages of development, as well as strategies for generalization of skills
  • Earn ASHA CEUs!

Presenter: Pratibha Srinivasan, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS-Cert.AVT

Intended Audience: Teachers of the Deaf, Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Special Educators & other professionals who work with children with hearing loss.

Registration: $89 per participant Click Here to Register Now! (http://smart-ears.com/workshops/speech/spreg.php)

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Source URL: https://tndeaflibrary.nashville.gov/event/teaching-children-with-hearing-loss-to-listen-and-talk-developing-speech-through-audition

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