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T.S.D. Through the Years

Historical and archival video/film clips from people, places and events sponsored by the Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) in Knoxville, TN and/or its alumni.

Tape 1 28 min.
-Lightning Cartoons by Floyd Gorman
-Winter Snow Scenes at TSD- Feb.15,1936

Tape 2 37 min.
-Odds & Ends (TSD Activities)- 1931,1932, 1934 & 1940
-TSD/KY Game at Centre College Stadium in Danville-Oct. 31,1936
-“Rock of Ages” in ASL by: Mrs. J.B. Chandler of Knoxville

Tape 3 64 min.
-1931-1988 TSD Homecoming Events
-1991 TSD Homecoming Events
-1992 TSD Homecoming Program

Tape 4 71 min.
-A Documentary of TSD, Feb. 3&6 1989 by E. Conley Akin, Historian

Tape 5 75 min.
-Interviews with TSD Alumni at the 1993 Homecoming for use with the 150th Anniversary Celebration. Oct. 2,1993

Tape 6 81 min.
-1993 TSD Homecoming Events in Knoxville October 2,1993

Tape 7 105 min.
-1994 TSD 150th Year Celebration Kickoff in Knoxville: Fri. Oct. 21,1994 & Sat. Oct. 22,1994

Tape 8 39 min.
-Convention-TN Association of the Deaf (TAD): Chattanooga, July 4-7,1934
-Convention of TAD on TSD Campus, Knoxville, Sept. 2-4,1937
-Convention of TAD at Hotel Whittle Springs near Fountain City (1947)
-Convention of TAD at Patten Hotel in Chattanooga (1950)

Tape 9 100 min.
-1995 TSD 150th Year Celebration Program in Knoxville
-TSD Dining Hall-Reception

Tape 10 51 min.
-Howa Club of the Deaf in Bluff City, TN Sept.12,1936
-TAD Convention Scenes in Nashville,1940
-TAD Convention in Chattanooga
-Numerous TAD Events in 1949
-TAD Picnic 1950-59
-TAD Physical Education & Football Drills 1960 & 1961
-TAD Plays 1963 & 1973

TSD Alumni Association
Knoxville, TN : TSD Alumni Association, 1996?, 2013
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